Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Before & After: The Brutal(ist) change

I have mentioned previously that one my furniture enablers/feeders is the amazing, and fast growing famous, store in Hampden, called David's on the Avenue.
It all started when I rented my tiny apartment, with the best Mount Vernon Place view, I just needed few and small pieces, to receive friends for a drink before going out to the many fantastic restaurants of the area.
At that time I was constantly traveling to Africa, and my roots were pretty loose until my husband, that time still fiancé, and I bought our first house at the Cross Keys Village, and I went from one bedroom to three bedrooms. Fast forward another couple of years and we had seven bedrooms in our hands to fill with more furniture.

When I moved to Roland Park, some furniture was just too small for some spaces, but with a good vision and a coat of paint (I used Gloss White by Rustoleum), and you immediately change that piece!
The original dingy, brown sofa table on the first picture. For a while I had the 2nd photo set up, but the lamps were just too small.
It's located in the landing area of the second floor, between the master bedroom and the nursery.




This brutalist Zodiac mirror is by Original Finesse, a company started in the 60's by two brothers in law. The company was closed in the late 70's. I have two other pieces from them, and is always a piece of conversation as one was bought at David's and the other one through ebay.
You can find two of these mirrors on 1stDibs here.
I paid around $200 for the piece, and I think it was one of the most expensive pieces I got there!

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