Friday, March 7, 2014

Antique Japanese gold screen

Over the mantel of the dining room fireplace, I have a golden tone Japanese hand painted vintage screen. My father-in-law is Japanese, born in Brazil, and even though in my in-laws home very little of Japanese traditions, mementos or decor items are present, Mr. Y and I respect and try to incorporate our cultures into our homes.

If my kitchen were a big bigger, I would install a big screen like this one:

Picture source: unknown, google images.


  1. Hello Milla here from Design Par Deux. Just love that Japanese gold screen! I'm going to show it to my brother since, he wants a Japanese decor style for his new house. And we are trying to help him. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hi Milla, I got my japanese screen at Great Finds and Design in Timonium. Sometimes, David's at the Avenue, in Hampden, has some good ones as well! Good luck on your project, and don't forget to post it!

  3. Hello Maison, also from Design Par Deux. Wanted to let you know that I went to Debois Textiles on Saturday and they had lots of new fabrics. I left a comment on their facebook first to see if they received anything new. Be sure to purchase the living social deal for Debois Textiles for $25 that gives you $50 towards a purchase.