Wednesday, October 16, 2013


With the replacing of the windows on the 2nd floor "reading room", now being transformed into a playroom, some of the many toys that were housed in our family room have been moved into the new playroom, and a more adult environment has been created.
In the family room, a built in has survived and houses memos, books, and orange color galore!
I love orange color, it reminds of my travel to Thailand, the Buddhist monks robes, the praying beads,...for me is a very soothing color.
I have added some of my souvenirs from several distinct places, such as Mozambique, Ethiopia, England, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Goodwill from just around the corner!
Mr Y has a very good eye for bargains and nice things, as well. He was a darling when he got an antique print with a lady called Genevieve, my late mom's name.
I used the holes that can be found on the sides of the built in to pass through the red and white ribbon I  got a few years ago in Cape Town, added a clock from Target bought for song at Goodwill, and slowly my built in is being nicely dressed with my cooking books, cake stands and magazines.

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