Thursday, October 10, 2013

A "tornado" of changes around the house

 The tornado on Monday may have not passed around Baltimore, but the change-bug was pretty alive and kicking in MY Maison.
I had a room, that Mr. Y and I called: the reading room. Is on the second floor, just out from one of our guest rooms, that soon will become our son's big boy room.
The issue we faced was called Siberia cold temperatures during the winter months. We tried everything:  extra heaters, besides the radiators, curtains, winterized the windows, etc. nothing worked!
The last resource was to change the old single panel windows to the modern comfort.
We can see a bit of the difference between the original windows found in the first floor, and the final work being done by our amazing contractor Bob.
Our plan is to transform it into the kids playroom. Today was raining cats and dogs, and while cleaning it up, I really wish it could be my own playroom: books, a nice cashmere throw and tea!




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