Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hand embroideries: a dying tradition?

I was born and grew up in a tiny Island, Madeira Island, where hand embroidery was one most beautiful traditions and in some families a source of income.
Every young woman had to accumulate a trousseau made up of amazing pieces. I was able to get some of my pieces made by my late Mom, and every time I go to Madeira I try to get some more. It's considered a luxury item, even for tourists. I don't see as many stores as there were while growing up, so every opportunity I have to purchase a piece, I don't even think twice, more when you can find amazing pieces like this I got: a table cloth with six napkins for a steal!

You just need to know how to differentiate a real hand made from a machine one done in China, and that is turning the piece and check the back. In a hand made piece the finishings are always well hidden, the thread used is double, making it feel as it was embossed in the cloth.
This amazing piece I got at one of my favorite stores in my neighborhood: The Turnover Shop.

PS: the "white" spots are actually reflections from the chandelier I have on the dinning room.

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