Monday, September 30, 2013

A sunny window shade

One of my "I-wish-I-had-the-mastery" to do list is to learn how to do roman shades. Fast forward six lessons of 3 hours each, a few yards of fabric.. et voila: three roman shades.
Sorry for the picture low quality, as I took it with my cell, but proper pictures will come soon.
The most difficult part was to choose which fabric to use, and with the measures in hand, the fabric was perfect for the three windows: one at the entry hall, one at the second floor landing, and last the one at the third floor landing.
I can't find the before picture for the entry hall, but was a majestic paper curtain.  The remaining windows were naked!

The one at the entry hall:

The one at the second floor landing:

I am currently preparing the roman shade for my son's room, and I promise to do a photo step by step tutorial.
Have a great inspiring and surrounded by nice things week!

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  1. Nice! You did that? That's awesome! Have you posted the step-by-step with photos tutorial? With lots of practice, in time, you’re going to perfect roman shades! Roxie @