Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Small bathroom, big changes

Continuing with the nesting phase, my son will move from the nursery to the big boy's room.
His future room may be big, but his future bathroom is the size of a closet, literally! It was previously used as a closet and transformed into a bathroom.
In all changes I try to make around the house, I try do add comfort first before design/decor. In this tiny bathroom there was no heating or a vent system, making it cold in winter time, and damp if the shower was used.

A vent, and a small baseboard radiator are being installed, and a small change is being done to the skink space.

New vent:

The new space for the heater:

 The inspiration found on a rental at the Juquehy beach to add a small vessel sink on a shelf to have some counter space:

First pictures: Maison MY, last one found here.

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