Monday, November 26, 2012

Upholstery inspiration

Every time I need to clear my mind from what I call "dementia inducing bugs", aka, life roadblocks, I stop by an amazing Design/Decor store, at walking distance from my house.

Think airy sun rooms, beach/country house style. Every time I'm there I need to control  my impulse to steal the keys, and move in at the first opportunity.
It was here that I fell in love with upholstery, as well. All the sofas, pillows, chairs, benches are so well made, I have to leave my credit card at home to avoid any impulsive purchase.

Today I decided to stop by to ask the owner, Lauri, this gorgeous, with amazing taste woman, if she could provide her upholster contact information. I have do improve my upholstery skills pronto!  I may become soon an upholster apprentice.
Hopefully, very soon I will have a mini version of Stony Run Home.

Some pics of their goodies, saved immediately to my inspiration files!

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